The Great Unknown (1946)

I don’t know who the singer in this scene is, I’m told that it may have been an uncredited actress miming to a song performed by blind Egyptian singer Shafia Ahmed (شافية أحمد)(1923-1983). The dancer who wears a galabeya is possibly Fethiya Fouad (فتحية فؤاد). Does anyone know for sure? What I do know for sure is that the film is from 1946 and was titled ‘Dunia’ (دنيا). It starred Raqia Ibrahim, Soliman Naguib, Ahmad Salem and Faten Hamama (for many years Mrs Omar Sharif) in an early screen role.
Trivia: The star of the film, Raqia Ibrahim, was born as Rachel Abraham Levy . She left Egypt in 1955 and emigrated to the US.

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