Zeinat Olwi (1953) زينات علوى

The dancer in this clip is Alexandria born Zeinat Olwi (زينات علوي) who performed in 35 (or so) Egyptian films.  Born in 1930 Zeinat Olwi started her career in the Cairo nightclub owned by Badia Masabni and also had a long connection with Egyptian comedian Mahmoud Shekuku and his band. Zeinat Olwi only had spoken lines in one or two films before she decided that she wasn’t comfortable being an actress and preferred to be strictly a dancer. She passed away in Cairo in 1988.
The scene shown here is from the 1953 Egyptian film ‘My Sweetheart and I’ (Ana wa Habibi انا و حبيبي literally ‘I and my sweetheart’). To the left of screen is Mounir Murad and to the right is Mohammed al Tabie who regularly played the character of a naïve Saiidi boy often in tandem with Sayed Bedier.
The film starred singer/actress Shadia along with Abdel Salem al Nabulsi, the wonderful comic actress Zeinat Sedki and Mounir Murad who was the brother of Leila Murad.

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