Katy (1954) كيتي

Egyptian/Greek dancer Katy features in two further scenes from the 1954 Egyptian film ‘Khalak ma Allah’ (‘Stay with God’ or ‘Trust in God’ خليك مع الله). The film starred Ismail Yassin, Mahmoud al Meliji, Zomoroda, Abdel Wares Asar and Zeinat Sedki who gets up the dance with Katy early in the first scene.  The singer in the first scene is Mohamed el Kahlawy (محمد الكحلاوي) which is also spelt Mohamed El Kahlaoui.

Katy was born in Alexandria, Egypt, of Greek heritage. I’m sure I’m saying things you already know but many who come to this channel are not aware that there was a large Greek community in Egypt prior to the 1952 revolution. The majority left Egypt in the decade or so following the revolution, many to the US, Canada and Australia.  Back to Katy though; as her fame relates to her nationality due to her place of birth I’ve referred to her as Egyptian. Off topic, she appeared in at least two Greek language films and also speaks Greek in at least one of her Egyptian films where she plays the daughter of the local Greek barber.

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