Soheir al Morshedi (1969) سهير المرشدي

This is actress Soheir al Morshedi dancing in a scene from the 1969 Egyptian film ‘Al Harami’ (The Thief الحرامي). Soheir al Morshedi only danced when and if the part she was playing required it. In this film she plays a girl who’s engaged to be married but just before the wedding day her father receives an offer for her hand from another man which the father accepts. The intending son-in-law turns out to be a criminal.
The film starred Farid Shawki, Mohamed Youssef, Mohamed Reda and the members of The Three Stage Light band (“Tholaathi Adwaa al Masrah” فرقة ثلاثي أضواء المسرح التي) who are the photographers in this scene. They were individually listed; Samir Ghanem, George Sedhom and El Deif Ahmad.
Trivia: What does the trio’s name mean? You might remember them from their appearances in other Egyptian movies. ‘Tholaathi’ means three or a trio. ‘Al Adwaa’ in this case means a light (like a spotlight or a stage light). ‘Al Masrah’ means the theatre or sometimes its used to mean only the stage, sorry its a really hard name to translate, but ‘Three Stage Lights’ or ‘Three Theatre Lights’ might be the closest.

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