Hermeen (1959) هيرمين

The dancer in this scene from the 1959 Egyptian comedy ‘Arees Merati’ (‘My Wife’s Groom’ (عريس مراتى) is Hermeen (also spelt Hermine). The film had an all-star cast headed by Ismail Yassin, Lola Sedki, Abdel Salem al Nabulsi and Zeinat Sedki. Also starring were Fuad al Mohandes, Tawfik al Deqn and Khayria Ahmed who gives a fabulous comic performance.

Fifi Abdu (1994) عبده‎ فيفى

This is Egyptian bellydancer Fifi Abdu appearing as Noha the bellydancer in the 1994 stage play ‘Hazzemni Ya’ (‘Tie Me Up’ حزمني يا). It’s a social comedy that tells the story of Zawawi and his wife Bahija who, together with his brothers live happily in their small rented house until the owner wants to pull it down and build a new building on the site. The play starred Hassan Hosny, Magda Zaki and Mohamed Heneidi.
Trivia: Also starring was Egyptian singer/actor Medhat Saleh who was sued by Fifi Abdu in 2003 for ‘unpaid debts’. It all got messy and Fifi Abdu subsequently sued Saleh’s former wife Shireen for slander. Eventually Fifi and Saleh were reconciled in 2006. Medhat Saleh was later engaged to Syrian singer Asala’s sister Amani (not the dancer), then they broke up as Asala and her husband opposed the union, but he married Amani anyway.

Lucy (لوسى)

 This is an old video of Egyptian bellydancer and actress Lucy (لوسى). As this is a conversion from a VHS tape to a dvd then to an mpg the visual quality isn’t the best.
Trivia: She also uses the name Lucy Saad.

Zeinat Olwi (1953) زينات علوى

This is Egyptian dancer Zeinat Olwi performing in a scene from the 1953 drama ‘Aabid al Mal’ (‘Slaves of Money’ عبيد المال). The film starred Farid Shawki, Mahmoud al Meliji, Faten Hamam and Emad Hamdi.

Katy (1953) كيتي

This is Katy (1927-1980) who starts her performance with a shamadan (candelabra) in a scene from the 1953 Egyptian film ‘Aabid al Mal’ (‘Slaves of Money’ عبيد المال). The scene then moves on to showcase many different styles of dancing, ending with a jazz section featuring Katy’s trademark high kicks and the splits. The film starred Farid Shawki along with Mahmoud al Meliji, Faten Hamam and Emad Hamdi.
Katy (her name is also spelt Kitty, Keti and Katie) was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to a Greek father and Egyptian mother. She acted and danced in many Egyptian movies from the 1950s through to the mid-1960s but returned to Athens in 1965 after being implicated in a spy plot which apparently involved Egyptian/Israeli double agent Refaat el Gammal رأفت الهجّان‎ aka Refaat al Hagan aka Jack Beton. She appeared in at least two Greek language films following her return to Greece. She also speaks Greek in at least one of her earlier Egyptian films where she plays the daughter of the local Greek barber.
Trivia: Refaat al Gammal loved acting and appeared in small roles in several Egyptian movies.

Nagwa Fouad (1972) فؤاد نجوى

This is Nagwa Fouad performing in the 1972 Egyptian comedy film ‘Adwaa el Madina’ (City Lights أضواء المدينة) which starred Shadia, Ahmad Mazhar, Adel Imam, Ibrahim Saafan and Abdel Monem Ibrahim. Despite having big stars, many songs and a big budget, the film failed to make an impact with audiences.

Nagwa Fouad فؤاد نجوى

This clip of Nagwa Fouad is such a ‘golden oldie’ that I’d forgotten I even had it! The clip itself is not great quality but that’s all we had back in the day and as with many of my older clips, its been converted from a VHS tape to mpg format. I’ve cut out the worst of the colour changes and the picture rolling.
The clip starts with the backing dancers performing a fellaheen piece and then Nagwa Fouad performs in a green and purple outfit.