Fifi Abdu

Here’s another ‘golden oldie’ from my own collection. Its a digital conversion from a video tape that’s been played many, many times. The featured dancer is Cairo-born Atiyat Abdul Fattah Ibrahim, better known as Fifi Abdu. Fifi’s wearing a striped galabeya in this clip but as its a conversion from an old video tape to a dvd the visual quality is not the best. In this clip Fifi uses an assaya, then she does some khaleegi. The performance has been cut short as the video tape ran out but we still get a 10 minute performance by Fifi so its not all bad is it? Thank you to the guys at Storm Video in Sydney, Australia who’ve done amazing work to restore many of my old, much loved and much travelled video tapes. Shukran!

3 thoughts on “Fifi Abdu

  1. I really enjoyed this clip. Thanks for posting! Do you mind if I share this post with others?

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