Nemat Mokhtar (1964) نعمت مختار

This is a scene from the Egyptian film ‘Bayn al Qasrayn’ (Between two Palaces بين قصرين) which was released in 1964. The dancer in this scene is Nemat Mokhtar.
The film is based on the first book of the Cairo Trilogy written by Egyptian born Naguib Mahfouz who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988. Published in Arabic in 1956 with the title ‘Bayn al Qasrayn’ (Between Two Palaces) the first book was translated into English in 1990 when it was given its better known title, Palace Walk. The three books; Palace Walk, Palace of Desire (released in Arabic in 1957) and Sugar Street (also released in Arabic in 1957), tell the story of three generations of the el Gawad family who live in Cairo. The story starts during Egypt’s occupation by British forces in 1917 and continues until 1944.
Starring in the film was Yahia Shaheen as El Sayed Ahmed Abdel Gawad, a man who rules his family with an iron fist but after dark he’s leading a life of hedonism and self indulgence. Also starring were Maha Sabri, Abdelmonem Ibrahim and Ezzat el Alaili.

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