Berlanti Abdelhamid (1961) برلنتي عبدالحميد

This is a clip from a 1961 Egyptian film titled ‘Sira fil jabal’ (Conflict on the Mountain صراع في الجبل). The dancer is Berlanti Abdelhamid (1935-2010), a well known Egyptian actress who danced if the role required it.
In 1963 Berlanti Abdelhamid met and later married Abdel Hakim Amer who went on to become the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Army. For several years Abdel Hakim Amer was the first Vice President to Egypt’s President, Gamal Nasser and while he held the post of Vice President, Abdel Hakim Amer had the power to rule Egypt should the President be unable to do so. Field Marshal Amer’s career ended abruptly after the 6 Day War in 1967 and he died the same year after being arrested for allegedly plotting a coup to overthrow Nasser. Some say he committed suicide while others, including Berlanti Abdelhamid, say he was poisoned by government agents. In the early 2000’s she was involved in a public slanging match with the team who proposed making a movie, ‘Al Rais wa al Muhir’ (The President and the Marshal) based on her late husband’s life.

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