Taheya Karioka (1959) كاريوكا تحية

Taheya Karioka dances in a scene from the 1959 Egyptian drama ‘Hob Hatta Alibeda’ ( حب حتى العبادة). The film’s title is often translated as ‘Sublime Amour’ which, even for 1959, is rather archaic language…..’Sublime Amour’ sounds like the name of a cheap perfume doesn’t it?  The film centres around union activity in a factory but there’s a love story too. Taheya Karioka starred along with Salah Zulfikar, Zizi al Badrawi, Riad Hussain, Omar Hariri and Zuzu Nabil.

Nabaweya Mustafa (1946)

The dancer in this clip is of course the one and only Nabaweya Mustafa. The scene is from the 1946 Egyptian film ‘The Unknown Past’ (Al Madi al Maghool الماضي المجهول) which starred Laila Murad and Ahmed Salem. The female singer is Laila Murad and the song she’s singing, ‘Salam Alay’, is now well known to dancers worldwide.
The male star of this film, Ahmed Salem, was also the director. Born in 1910, he was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire in 1949 with a police officer following a violent argument with his then wife Asmahan (Amal al Atrache), the sister of Farid al Atrache.
Trivia: Ahmed Salam was one of Taheya Karioka’s many husbands.

Nahed Sherif (1977) ناهد شريف

This is actress Nahed Sharif performing in a scene from the 1977 Egyptian comedy ‘The Husbands are Devils’ (Al Azwag al Shayateen الأزواج الشياطين). The groom is Adel Imam. Comedienne Wedad Hamdi makes a guest appearance in the first scenes of the film playing the victim of a robbery after her maid Naima (Nahed Sherif) steals her jewellery and hides it on-board a houseboat belonging to Mamdouh (Adel Imam). The film also starred Youssef Fakhr Eddine, Madiha Kamil, Laila Taher and Saeed Salah.
Background: Adel Imam had released a film titled ‘Naughty Husbands’(Azwaj Teshoon أزواج طائشون) the previous year and the two films are often confused. To add to the confusion, the earlier film ‘Azwaj Teshoon’ also featured Madiha Kamil and had a ‘same-same but different’ storyline. The earlier film co-starred Samir Ghanem and Buthayna Nasser.

Zizi Mustafa (1985) زيزى مصطفى

This is Zizi Mustafa performing in a scene from the 1985 Egyptian film ‘El Taghiya’ (الطاغية The Tyrant) which starred Ezzat Al Alayli, Farouk al Fishawi and Leila Elwi.
There was a very well known Egyptian actress, also named Zizi Mustafa (though her real name was Zeinab Mostafa Nasr) who died in 2008. The two Zizi Mustafas are often mixed up and even Google shows dancer Zizi as having died though she’s very much alive!  Former bellydancer Zizi Mustafa is the mother of Egyptian actress Menna Shelabi

The Great Unknown (1964)

This unknown dancer is performing in a scene from the 1964 Egyptian film ‘Al Marid’ (The Giant المارد ). The singer is Mohamed Rushdi. The film also starred Egyptian actress Shweiker and Tawfik al Dekn along with Farid Shawki who’s wearing an eye patch throughout most of the film.

Katy (1952) كيتي

This is Katy (aka Katie, Kitty, Kittie, Keti) performing in the 1952 Egyptian film ‘Kaas al Athab’ (The Cup of Suffering كأس العذاب ). The film starred Farid Shawki, Faten Hamama and Mohsen Sarhan.

Riri (1961) ريري

The dancer in this second clip from the 1961 Egyptian film ‘Sira fil Jabal’ (Conflict on the Mountain صراع في الجبل) is Alexandria born Riri (ريري). The singer is Mohamed Taha (1922 – 1996) who was born in Sindbis in the Nile Delta and worked in a textile factory in Shubra before his big break in show business. The film starred Rushdi Abaza Mahmoud al Meliji and Berlanti Abdel Hamid who are sitting at the table watching the show.
Trivia: Mohamed Taha’s home village of Sindbis has given its name to a strain of mosquito borne virus.

Hayatim (1989) هياتم

This is Egyptian dancer Hayatim performing in a scene from the 1989 movie ‘Al Wohoush al Saghera’ (الوحوش الصغيرة Little Monsters). The movie starred actor Farouk el Feshawi and Soheir Ramzy who’s the woman in white who briefly dances with Hayatim.