Lebanese bellydancer Howaida el Hashem (silver)

This is Lebanese dancer Howaida el Hashem aka Howaida Hachem, Howaida Hashem, Hwyda al Hatchem etc. This clip is circa 1990s and she’s wearing a silver bedlah.. She retired from performing but now she seems to be making a comeback in Lebanon. Don’t forget that this is from the 1990s and was originally on a VHS tape sent by snailmail from Lebanon to Australia and then copied so, so many times. I transferred it from the original VHS tape onto a DVD then onto a computer and used editing software to improve the final output and cut out the bumps, jumps, glitches (and inadvertent changes of tv station) but there is a loss of quality.

Nemat Mokhtar (1969) نعمت مختار

Nemat Mokhtar performs in a wedding scene from the 1969 Egyptian film ‘Ibn al Shaytan (‘Son of the Devil’ or ‘Son of Satan’ ابن الشيطان ). The film tells the story of a local policeman played by Farid Shawki who is trying to track down a mysterious killer known as The Son of Satan. The killer targets men who remarry after leaving their wives and children and in this scene the groom is the killer’s target . Mahmoud al Meliji plays the local innkeeper who is eventually revealed to be the killer.

Soheir Zaki (1966) سهير زكى

Soheir Zaki dances in the 1966 film ‘Al Abeet’ (The Idiot العبيط). As well as dancing, she has a big role in the film which starred Farid Shawki (the surprised man in the audience), Nahed Sherif, Samir Sabri, Madiha Kamel and Abu Bakr Ezzat.
The guitarist may be the late Omar Khorshid. Can anyone confirm?

Lebanese dance troupe (1964)

This scene is from the 1964 film ‘A String of Pearls’ aka ‘The Pearl Necklace’ (Akh al luluعقد اللولو), a Lebanese/Syrian production which had previously been both a tv sketch and a stage play. The film starred Lebanese singer/actress Sabah along with famous Syrian comedians Durraid Lahham and Nihad al Qali. Also starring was Fahad Ballen, a popular Syrian born singer who’d moved to Egypt and worked with Farid al Atrash. Trivia: Fahad Ballen was married to Egyptian actress Mariam Fakhreddine for several years.

Hala al Safy and Nadia Fouad (1974)

The first dancer in this clip is Egyptian born Hala al Safy performing in a scene from the 1974 Egyptian film ‘Al Abtal’ (The Heroes  الأبطال) which starred Farid Shawki, Ahmed Ramzy and Mona Gabr and was described as ‘Egypt’s first kung fu movie’.  Hala al Safy is followed by a very brief clip of Nadia Fouad performing in the same movie.  As you probably know, in 1986 Hala al Safy, whose real name is Suhayr Hasan Abdeen, renounced dance and performing. She now considers it haram (forbidden) and describes her career as a dancer as a time “I left my life in the hands of the Devil to play with…”

Nabaweya Hassan (1951) نبوية حسن

The dancer in this clip is Nabaweya Hassan (نبوية حسن) who only seems to have appeared in two movies, both in 1951 and both starring comedian Ismail Yassin. This scene is from “My Mother-in-Law is an Atomic Bomb” (Hamati Kombola Zorriaحماتى قنبلة ذرية). The film tells the story of Zaahar and Batta (Ismail Yassin and Taheya Karioka) who are a happily married couple.  Unfortunately Batta’s mother, played by veteran comedienne Mary Munib thinks Batta can do better for herself and forces the couple apart.  Also starring were Wedad Hamdi and Abdel Fatah el Quossary. Many thanks to Atyat Ghareeb and Sonja Antanasijevic for the dancer ID.