Vered Goldberg

This clip is from the early 1990s and features Israeli dancer Vered Goldberg with Iraqi/Israeli singer George Bar. The blue bedlah that Vered is wearing is a classic old-school design by Egyptian ‘costumier to the stars’, Madame Abla. The pink (or red) bedlah may be from the same source. Sadly, Vered Goldberg was only 23 years old when she was killed in a car crash on her way to perform a show.
Many thanks to Amoura Latif and Meital Sassi for their background information on this clip. Amoura says that this clip is from Israeli tv and that the signal could have been picked up easily in parts of Lebanon which is where this tape comes from originally. This clip is from a VHS cassette that’s has been played dozens of times and has now been converted to digital. Back then, these VHS tapes were all we had and we were grateful for them, However, as a result, the sound and picture quality is not what we would expect nowadays. But what the heck, this is history.

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