Fifi Abdu (2000) فيفي عبده

This is Egyptian dancer Fifi Abdu in a scene from ‘Zane’t el Setat’ (also titled ‘Zanket al Sitat’, Women’s Market زنقة الستات) released in 2000. Fifi Abdu starred in the film playing Fawakeh who wants revenge on the men involved in the death of her sister. Also starring were Maged el Masry, Samy el Adl and doctor-turned-actor Ezzat Abou Ouf.
Born in Cairo in 1953 as Attiyat Abdel Fattah Ibrahim (عطيات عبد الفتاح إبراهيم) Fifi Abdu’s first appearances were as a member of a baladi troupe.
Trivia: Zane’t el Setat is the name of the old market in Alexandria, Egypt and is the area where the 1920s serial killers Raya and Sekina often met their intended victims.

Zeinat Olwi (1958) زينات علوى

This is Alexandria born dancer Zeinat Olwi performing in a scene from the 1958 Egyptian film “This is Love” (Haza Howa al Hob هذا هو الحب ). Zeinat Olwi had an unhappy childhood and left Alexandria to move to Cairo. She started as one of Badia Masabni’s background dancers eventually becoming a soloist. She then moved on to dance with singer-comedian Shekuku. She made numerous film appearances initially in speaking roles but, as she considered herself a dancer first and foremost, she reverted to dancing roles only. Her final movie appearance was in 1969 in the film ‘Sabah Al Kheir ya Zawjati al Aziza’. This film was directed by Salah Abu Seif, an Egyptian director whose credits included “Shabab Emraa”(A Woman’s Youth 1956) which starred Taheya Karioka and “Al Wahsh”(The Monster 1954) starring Samia Gamal. Performances from all these movies can also be seen on this channel.
In this scene from “This is Love”, the unhappy bride is played by Lubna Abdelaziz while the mother of the bride sitting to her right is Fardous Mohamed. The distraught man is Yahia Shehin and with him are Mary Munib, Abdelmonem Ibrahim and, I think, Mahmoud Azmi. Meanwhile, the fathers’ of the bride and groom participate in the nikah ceremony.