Soheir Zaki (1965)

This is Soheir Zaki performing in another scene from the 1965 Egyptian film “Al Shaqiqan“ (الشقيقان The Two Brothers ) which starred Emad Hamdi, Shweiker and Zahrat al Ola. The man with his back to the stage is Egyptian actor Ahmed Ramsy and the singers are Samir Ghanem and George Sidhom. The man sitting on stage is Ahmed al Deif who, with Ghanem and Sidhom, was a member of ‘Thulathi adwa’ al Masrah’ (the Theatre Lights Trio).
Trivia: Ahmed Ramzy was married to Egyptian dancer Nagwa Fouad.

Nadia Lotfi (1969)

This is Egyptian actress Nadia Lotfi dancing in the 1969 Egyptian film ‘Abi foq al Shagara‘ (My Father is Up a Tree أبي فوق الشجرة) in which she starred as Firdous, a dancer who has an affair with Abdel Halim Hafez’s character Adel. Also starring were Emad Hamdy as Kamal who’s Adel’s father and Mervat Amin as Amal. The film was a huge success but was the last production in which Abdel Halim Hafez appeared. He died in London in March 1977 where he’d gone for treatment for the water borne disease bilharzia to which he had been exposed as a youngster. He’s buried at the Al Rifa’i Mosque in Salah el Din Square near the Citadel in Cairo.