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  1. Hi CaroVan.

    I’m a fan of the stars appearing in your videos and I thank you for your sharing. I just discovered your page and your profile on Vimeo at the same time.
    In fact, the main reason for my posting here is that I can’t seem to find any other way to contact you in order to ask you if you have more videos about the forgotten dancer Leila Al Jazairia.
    You have my advanced thanks for an eventual response.


    PS : Leila was born in the wilaya of (الشلف), not (وهران). Besides, Wahran is the arabic name of the capital of the West of Algeria, and its Barbarian name doesn’t exist since many centuries. Just a small rectification for your Vimeo sharing 🙂

    • Many thanks for taking the time to reply. At the moment that is the only clip I have that shows the lovely Leila al Jazairia but I am always on the lookout for more. I will make the correction of the Arabic which I appreciate. Like so many other ‘3Gkids’ (third generation), my spoken Arabic is ok but I don’t read Arabic at all. Many. many thanks.

      • My pleasure, I’m the only one who should be thanking here.
        Of course it is not an easy task to find videos of her, since she literally disappeared starting from 60’s to never show off ever again, neither on scene nor in public, which is a real pitty.
        I’m sorry for my writing in Arabic, I didn’t know. Allow me to reformulate : she was born in the city of “Ech-chelef” (or simply called “Ech-chlef” by Algerians), not “Wahran” (which frenchmen called Oran). Few was known about her untill that recent interview she had three years ago with a famous Tunisian journalist, when she finally decied to reveal many information about her life and career, and also about her relationship with Farid El-Atrache with whom she had a complicatd “love story” if I may say.
        For example, now we know that, while her scene name was “Leila Hakim”, her real name was “Fatima Ez-zohra” (not Nadia, forgot to tell you about that). She took the last name of her mother “Bouguettaya” because her parents were divorced. You can say we never knew and probably will never know her real last name (I mean her father’s one).

        Thank you very much, once again, especially for replying. I shall bother you no more, but instead continue watching those awesome videos you kindly shared with us 🙂

        PS : I hope you’ll learn how to read it soon enough, because there is nothing easier than Arabic orthography. Everything is written exactly like how it is pronounced, and there are no silent or unison letters such as those you can find in Occidental languages.

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