Azza Sherif (1983) عزة شريف

This scene is from the 1983 Egyptian film ‘Al Motasawel‘ (The Beggar المتسول) and features Egyptian born dancer Azza Sherif. The singer is Ahmed Adaweya. The film starred Adel Imam and Esaad Younes who play the bride and groom in this scene. The woman in the blue galabeya who tries to get up to join Azza Sherif is former dancer Hayatim who plays a leading role in the movie.
Trivia: Azza Sherif was born in 1947 and was married for several years to the Egyptian singer Katkot al Amir.

Najwa Sultan and Azza Sharif (1977)

The two dancers in this clip are Najwa Sultan (نجوى سلطان) and Azza Sharif (عزة شريف) in a scene from the 1977 film ‘Ah Ya Leil Ya Zaman’ (آه يا ليل يا زمن).
The singer with the gorgeous voice is the late Warda Al Jazairia who played the leading role in the film.  Adel Adham and Samir Ghanem are the two men sitting on the pink sofa in the clip.
The song in this clip, ‘Leil Ya Layali’ was composed by Baligh Hamdi who was Warda’s second husband.   Warda plays Faten, the daughter of a rich man, who learns on his death that all his assets have been lost and she blames the man who tells her the bad news.  She travels to Paris, finds work as a dental nurse and turns to singing. As a singer, she is (of course) a great success and falls in love with the dentist who’s already married. Long story short, the dentist goes back to his wife and Warda’s character continues with her singing career.

Azza Sharif (عزة شريف) and Souad Hosni (1972)

Azza Sharif and Souad Hosni in a scene from the 1972 film ‘Khali Balak min Zuzu’ (Take care of Zuzu) which is the title of the song they’re singing. The male singer is Shafik Galal, the woman in gold dancing is Nabila al Sayed and Souad Hosni is the female singer in pink in the first scene.  The lady in black playing zills is Egyptian bellydance legend Tahiya Karioka. The film tells the story of Zuzu, a young woman played by Hosni who’s at university by day but works as a singer and dancer in her mother’s troupe by night.  Her work as an entertainer is a shameful secret.
So, what’s the story about? Zuzu falls in love with her professor and he breaks off his engagement to be with Zuzu.  His former fiancee discovers that Zuzu is a bellydancer and hires Zuzu’s mum’s troupe for a big party at which Zuzu and her professor will be guests.  Zuzu arrives, the troupe enters to perform, there’s mutual recognition, Zuzu’s mother collapses there horror all round and Zuzu dances.  The professor has to do some soul searching, he decides he loves her anyway, final dance number and general happiness ensues.
Trivia: The title of the film is based on a common Egyptian colloquial expression ‘Khali balak min nafsak’ in English we might say ‘Take care of yourself’.


Azza Sharif (1984) عزة شريف

Azza Sharif dances in a scene from the 1984 film ‘Al Laila Al Mawouda’ (Tonight Promised الليلة الموعودة). The movie starred Ahmed Zaki, Farid Shawki (the man in the blue suit), Nawal Fahmy (the woman with him), Karima Mokhtar and Nagwa Fouad.

Azza Sherif عزة شريف

The wonderful Azza Sherif (عزة شريف) dances in a wedding scene from the 1976 film ‘Nebtidi Menain Al Hikaya’ (‘Where do we begin the story?’ نبتدي منين الحكاية )  This film has the same title as the old Abdel Halim Hafez song but it’s totally unrelated.
In this scene we see the bride, played by Suheir Ramzi, fleeing her wedding leaving a confused crowd behind. As the film progresses she becomes blind, falls in love with her psychiatrist’s friend, her sight is restored and there’s a happy ending.  The film also starred Saeed Saleh, Mimi Jamal and Samir Ghanem.

TheCaroVan YouTube channel

deleted YT image

TheCaroVan’s YouTube channel is no more.  The channel featured short clips of bellydancers from the Middle East and occasionally singers, usually in scenes or clips taken from old Egyptian and Lebanese movies some as far back as the 1930s.  Full movies were never uploaded.
TheCaroVan YouTube account has been terminated after receiving copyright demands from companies and copyright organisations who claimed the ownership of some of the clips and/or the accompanying music.  While some of the claims were from entities who, after a minimal amount of research proved to be non-existent, some claims and organisations were legitimate and if you were a regular visitor to TheCaroVan you would have noticed that in the past, clips has been removed in compliance.
In the end, TheCarovan account was terminated due to a take-down notice by a company in France who claims to own the copyright to the 1955 Egyptian film ‘Sigarah wa Kas’ (A Glass and a Cigarette) which features dancing by Samia Gamal.  Interestingly enough there is at least one other company who claims to own the worldwide copyright of this same movie.
I removed the offending clip yesterday, immediately on receiving the notice, but that wasn’t good enough apparently and the account has been terminated.  As a result the channel and its research and information that more than 6,000,000 viewers had accessed, is now lost.
So, long story short, TheCaroVan is no more and I am now ‘An individual whose account has been closed [is] prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube account.’
Ah well, as someone who lives in the Middle East, as you can imagine, we have one or two other things to worry about at the moment…..

Azza Sherif (عزة شريف)


This performance by Egyptian born dancer Azza Sherif is a transfer from VHS video tape to digital but despite that, its one of the most inspiring and breathtaking performances ever.  The title of the song is “Qalo Zini 3amil 7ala”.  The song is Tunisian and was first released by a singer named Olaya.
Thanks to Badr al Asmari for the song title and information.

Bellydance compilation 7

A mix of colour and black and white bellydance clips starting with Egyptian actress/dancer Nabila Ebeid نبيلة عبيد‎.  Then there’s a black and white clip, then Azza Sherif with Farid Shawki in the audience then a recent video clip.
Any IDs?