Egypt’s Top 100 Films

Produced by ART (Arab Radio & Television) based in Saudi Arabia, this is a summary of the Egyptian films they consider to be the most important of the past 100 years. What do you think? Do you agree?  I’m not too sure about the Dr Who theme at the beginning though.

TheCaroVan YouTube channel

deleted YT image

TheCaroVan’s YouTube channel is no more.  The channel featured short clips of bellydancers from the Middle East and occasionally singers, usually in scenes or clips taken from old Egyptian and Lebanese movies some as far back as the 1930s.  Full movies were never uploaded.
TheCaroVan YouTube account has been terminated after receiving copyright demands from companies and copyright organisations who claimed the ownership of some of the clips and/or the accompanying music.  While some of the claims were from entities who, after a minimal amount of research proved to be non-existent, some claims and organisations were legitimate and if you were a regular visitor to TheCaroVan you would have noticed that in the past, clips has been removed in compliance.
In the end, TheCarovan account was terminated due to a take-down notice by a company in France who claims to own the copyright to the 1955 Egyptian film ‘Sigarah wa Kas’ (A Glass and a Cigarette) which features dancing by Samia Gamal.  Interestingly enough there is at least one other company who claims to own the worldwide copyright of this same movie.
I removed the offending clip yesterday, immediately on receiving the notice, but that wasn’t good enough apparently and the account has been terminated.  As a result the channel and its research and information that more than 6,000,000 viewers had accessed, is now lost.
So, long story short, TheCaroVan is no more and I am now ‘An individual whose account has been closed [is] prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube account.’
Ah well, as someone who lives in the Middle East, as you can imagine, we have one or two other things to worry about at the moment…..

Bellydance compilation 15

Four short clips of Egyptian bellydancers performing in black and white films.
1. From an Ismail Yassin movie (Ismail Yassin for Sale? I’m not 100% sure).
2, From ‘Arees min Istanbouli’ (A Groom from Istanbul) released in 1941. The dancer seems to be uncredited. The film starred Raqiya Ibrahim and Youssef Wehbi.
3. Beba Ibrahim (ببا إبراهيم ) in ‘Arees min Istanbouli’ (عريس من استانبول)
4. From ‘Sahibat al azama’ released in 1956. The film starred Taheya Carioca and Ismail Yassin. It’s Ismail Yassin who throws himself onto the stage in the final clip.

Bellydance compilation 14

Four short clips make up this compilation.
1. The first is from the 1951 film ‘Malek al Petrol’ and it puts many of today’s revealing costumes to shame.
2. The dancer in the second clip is Abeer Kamal.
3. No name so far for the dancer in the third scene whose performance turns into an onstage brawl.
4. The dancer in the final clip is Nadia al Jundi.
Thank you to simozimo09 for the dancer ID for Abeer.

Bellydance compilation 12

Three clips of bellydancers in Egyptian movies. The first is a scene of a baladi wedding from the 1995 film ‘Baltiyah Bint Bahri’ which starred Salah Nazmi. This is followed by a black and white clip of Nawal El Saghiera (thanks Simozimo). The final clip is of a dancer in a scene from the film ‘Aman ya Dunya’ starring the late Younes Shelaby who’s the man walking into the nightclub.

Bellydance compilation 11

In this mix, the first clip is from ‘Beit al Kawamel’ a 1986 film that starred Mahmoud Masoud and Nadia Al Jundi though she’s not in this scene.  The music in this scene is ‘A douma wa tekka’ by Henkesh (Khamis I think).  The second clip is an ‘Adam and Eve’ themed piece and the third is a bit of domestic romance 🙂 The man in this scene is comedian Samir Ghanem, not sure who the actress is.

Bellydance compilation 9

A collection of short clips: the first scene is an unknown dancer and the music is “Boos! Shoof”, the second one is dancing on a desert island.  The third scene has Fifi Abdu dancing on the beach in a scene from ‘Zanket al Sitat’. The last two are a black and white clip of Zeinat Olwi and a final colour clip.

Bellydance compilation 7

A mix of colour and black and white bellydance clips starting with Egyptian actress/dancer Nabila Ebeid نبيلة عبيد‎.  Then there’s a black and white clip, then Azza Sherif with Farid Shawki in the audience then a recent video clip.
Any IDs?

Bellydance compilation 5

More bellydance scenes from Egyptian films including Katy performing with Ismail Yassin, a wedding scene, a stage performance and a piece at the end from a 1946 film that shows that there was a wide variety of dance forms being shown in Egyptian cinema back in the 1940s.