Fifi Abdu (1990) عبده‎ فيفى

Fifi Abdu dances in a scene from the 1990 film ‘Moulid We Sahbo Ghaib’ ( مولد وصاحبه غايب). The film also starred Youssef Shabaan, Mohsen Sarhan (on the floor on the right), Magda Nour El Din and Nabil Elhagrasy.

Fifi Abdu (1999) عبده‎ فيفى

Fifi Abdu, wearing orange, dances in a scene from  ‘Zane’t el Setat’ (also titled ‘Zanket al Sitat’, Women’s Market زنقة الستات) released in 2000. The singer with her is Shafif Galal. Fifi Abdu starred along with doctor-turned-actor Ezzat Abou Ouf, Maged el Masry and Samy el Adl.  Zane’t el Setat is the name of the old market in Alexandria, Egypt.
The film tells the story of Fifi Abdu’s character Fawakeh who wants revenge on the men involved in the death of her sister.
Trivia: Zane’t el Setat is the area where the serial killers Raya and Sekina often met their intended victims.

Fifi Abdu (1993) فيفي عبده

Fifi Abdu dances in a wedding scene from the 1993 film ‘Al Tha’aleb’ (The Foxes) which starred Mahmoud Hamidah, Hatem Zulfikar and Kamal al Shinnawi . The first part of the scene is a wedding zeffa with an uncredited dancer.   Fifi follows and its all very meaningful as she wears red and dances to the song ‘Ala Nar’ which means ‘I’m on fire’.

Fifi Abdu ( فيفى عبده‎)

Despite the ‘special effects gone mad’ backgrounds, this is a fabulous Saidi and assaya performance by Egyptian dancer Fifi Abdu. This is a digital conversion from an old VHS video tape (remember those) and the performance is from fairly early in her career. In this clip she’s wearing a plain white galabeya with a hip scarf.

Fifi Abdu (1984) فيفى عبده

Fifi Abdu is the dancer and Walid Tawfik is the singer. Together they’re in a scene from the 1984 Egyptian film ‘Qamar al Leil’ (قمر الليل) in which they both starred. The film tells the story of Imad (Tawfik) who prevents Ibtisam (Layla Olwi) from committing suicide which leads to him to Fikri (Abu Bakr Ezzat) who wants to marry a wealthy woman (Mary Fakreddine) who lost her son during the Lebanon War. Long story short Imad impersonates the missing son but it all turns out well in the end.

Fifi Abdu (1968) عبده‎ فيفى

Fifi Abdu dancing in a scene from ‘Lestu Mostahtira’ ( لست مستهتره! I’m not a wanton woman or I’m not Responsible) which was released in 1968.  The music is an old favourite ‘Ya Hassan’.
The film was set in Lebanon but was an Egyptian production and starred Nabila Obeid, Zizi el Badrawi and Samir Sabri. Also starring was Lebanese comedian and actor Hassan Alaa Eddin, better known as Chouchou, who was famous for his luxuriant moustache. Chouchou died in 1975 at the beginning of the Lebanese civil war.