Lebanese bellydancer Howaida el Hashem (silver)

This is Lebanese dancer Howaida el Hashem aka Howaida Hachem, Howaida Hashem, Hwyda al Hatchem etc. This clip is circa 1990s and she’s wearing a silver bedlah.. She retired from performing but now she seems to be making a comeback in Lebanon. Don’t forget that this is from the 1990s and was originally on a VHS tape sent by snailmail from Lebanon to Australia and then copied so, so many times. I transferred it from the original VHS tape onto a DVD then onto a computer and used editing software to improve the final output and cut out the bumps, jumps, glitches (and inadvertent changes of tv station) but there is a loss of quality.

Howaida al Hachem (Lebanon) هويدا الهاشم

The dancer in this clip is Howaida al Hachem (هويدا الهاشم) aka Howaida Hachem, Howaida Hashem, Hwyda al Hatchem etc etc. Howaida was popular in Lebanon in the 1980-90s and is of the same era as Samara, Dani Boustros and Amani who often performed at the same venues. The clip is filmed in a Beirut nightclub and in this clip she wears a gold bedlah with a leopard print skirt and veil. Howaida made many tv appearances on LBC (Lebanon Broadcasting Corp) and along with her shows at nightclubs, weddings and parties, built a career that focused on performing long, intricate drum solos. And she was good. The drum solos often ended with a death defying Turkish drop which she performed while wearing high heels!
Trivia: I understand that after retiring in the early 2000s she married and now lives in Cyprus.

Howaida al Hashem هويدا الهاشم

Lebanese bellydancer Howaida Hashem wearing what’s come to be known, rightly or wrongly, as her “Cowboy Costume”.  The costume itself seems to be very polarising: some dancers love it  while others hate it, particularly the leggings.
This is another classic clip via the boys at Starlight Videos in Australia.

Howaida Hashem هويدا الهاشم white bedlah P2

This is Part 2 of a stage performance by Lebanese bellydancer Howaida al Hashem wearing a white bedlah. At the beginning of Part 2 she continues dancing to ‘Habibi Enta’ (حبيبي انت) a song made famous by Melheim Barakat (or May Hariri depending on who you ask!)

Howaida Hashem هويدا الهاشم white bedlah P1

This is Part 1 of a stage performance by Lebanese bellydancer Howaida al Hashem wearing a white bedlah. At the end of this part and the beginning of Part 2 she dances to ‘Habibi Enta’ (حبيبي انت) a song made famous by Melheim Barakat (or May Hariri depending on who you ask!)

Howaida el Hashem

A performance by Lebanese bellydancer Howaida el Hashem probably from the 1980s. The game show was on LBC in Beirut. But floral shorts? Hmmmm.
In Arabic her name is written as هويدا الهاشم = Hwayda el Hashem. Her name has the ‘el’ in it, so we might as well use it. It seems to be a case of you say ‘Howaida’ and I say ‘Huwayda’….or Howida, Houwaida, Howaidah or Huwhyda or Hachem, Hashem, el Hashem, el Hachem, Alhashem or Hachem.
As you see this is from the boys in Punchbowl.

TheCaroVan YouTube channel

deleted YT image

TheCaroVan’s YouTube channel is no more.  The channel featured short clips of bellydancers from the Middle East and occasionally singers, usually in scenes or clips taken from old Egyptian and Lebanese movies some as far back as the 1930s.  Full movies were never uploaded.
TheCaroVan YouTube account has been terminated after receiving copyright demands from companies and copyright organisations who claimed the ownership of some of the clips and/or the accompanying music.  While some of the claims were from entities who, after a minimal amount of research proved to be non-existent, some claims and organisations were legitimate and if you were a regular visitor to TheCaroVan you would have noticed that in the past, clips has been removed in compliance.
In the end, TheCarovan account was terminated due to a take-down notice by a company in France who claims to own the copyright to the 1955 Egyptian film ‘Sigarah wa Kas’ (A Glass and a Cigarette) which features dancing by Samia Gamal.  Interestingly enough there is at least one other company who claims to own the worldwide copyright of this same movie.
I removed the offending clip yesterday, immediately on receiving the notice, but that wasn’t good enough apparently and the account has been terminated.  As a result the channel and its research and information that more than 6,000,000 viewers had accessed, is now lost.
So, long story short, TheCaroVan is no more and I am now ‘An individual whose account has been closed [is] prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube account.’
Ah well, as someone who lives in the Middle East, as you can imagine, we have one or two other things to worry about at the moment…..