Soheir Zaki (1965)

This is Soheir Zaki performing in another scene from the 1965 Egyptian film “Al Shaqiqan“ (الشقيقان The Two Brothers ) which starred Emad Hamdi, Shweiker and Zahrat al Ola. The man with his back to the stage is Egyptian actor Ahmed Ramsy and the singers are Samir Ghanem and George Sidhom. The man sitting on stage is Ahmed al Deif who, with Ghanem and Sidhom, was a member of ‘Thulathi adwa’ al Masrah’ (the Theatre Lights Trio).
Trivia: Ahmed Ramzy was married to Egyptian dancer Nagwa Fouad.

Samiha Tawfik and Hoda Sultan (1953)

This is another scene from the 1953 Egyptian film ‘Ghaltet al Omr’ (Mistake of a Lifetime غلطة العمر) which starred the performers featured in this clip; dancer/actress Samiha Tawfik and singer/actress Hoda Sultan. Also starring were Zouzou Nabil and Hamdy Gheith. Fouad al Mohandes appears in this movie which is early in his film career.

Warda al Jazairia وردة الجزائرية

Warda al Jazairia – Betwannis Beek

If you click on the link above, you’ll find a clip by Warda al Jazairia. The song is ‘Betwannis Beek’ (‘I Cherish Your Company’, sometimes called ‘I Dream of You’ بتونس بيك).
Trivia: An uncredited sample from this track is used in the song ‘Don’t Know What to Tell You’ on US singer Aaliyah’s posthumous album which was released in 2002.

Soheir Zaki (1971)

This is Soheir Zaki performing in a scene from the 1971 Egyptian film ‘Modaresti al Hasnaa’ (My Fair Teacher مدرستى الحسناء). The film starred Hind Rostom as Nadia, a chemistry teacher who moves with her sister to Cairo. There she takes up a job as the teacher of a group of high school troublemakers. Viewers will need to suspend reality as leading the ‘students’ are actors Hussein Fahmy, Helmy Abdel Wahab and Saeed Saleh who were all decidedly 25+. Also starring were Abdul Moneim Ibrahim and Sanaa Mazhar.

Naima Akef (1949) نعيمة عاكف

Naema Akef is the dancer in this scene from the 1949 Egyptian film ‘Sitt al Beit’ (Lady of the House ست البيت). The singer with her is Mahmoud Abdel Aziz. Three women sitting on a couch watching her. Zeinab Sedki who plays the groom’s mother is on the left and Faten Hamama on the right.
Hosna Solomon, who was a talented dancer in her own right, plays Qeshta the maid. She’s dancing on the stairs and later she’s joined by Mohamed Kamal for more dancing in the kitchen.
Trivia: The expression ‘Sitt al Beit’ (usually said ‘sitti beit)’ is used to describe a person who’s a housewife or a stay-at-home mum.

Wafaa Amar (1995)

This is actress Wafaa Amar who’s dancing as part of her role in the 1995 Egyptian film ‘Samt al Kherfan’ (Silence of Sheep صمت الخرفان  Though some have translated the title as ‘Silence of the Lambs’, the word ‘lambs’ doesn’t have the same connotation in English as blindly following as the word ‘sheep’.)  The film starred Ahmed Adam and Hanan Shawky.  Thank you to Bella for the input, much appreciated.