Taheya Karioka (1953) تحية كاريوكا

This is Egyptian dancer Taheya Karioka performing in a scene from the 1953 Egyptian film “Hamido” (حميدو). The film starred Farid Shawki and Huda Sultan playing Hamido and Sayeda who are involved in a drug smuggling operation. Also starring was Mahmoud al Meligi who enters part way through the scene. He plays El Qersh (the baddie) and the part famously calls for a hook for a hand, you’ll see him drinking tea/beer (!) in this scene using the hook. The singer in this scene is Saed Darwish al Tantari (سيد درويش الطنطاوى) not to be confused with Saed Darwish the composer.

Taheya Karioka (1946) تحية كاريوكا

Here we have Egyptian bellydancer Taheya Karioka in a scene from the 1946 film ‘Lea’bet al Set’ (The Lady’s Puppet لعبة الست ). She is dancing to the song ‘Taht al Shabbak’ which is being sung by Aziz Osman. The song has become very popular with bellydancers nowadays thanks to its use by Egyptian bellydancer Dina. The film tells the story of Taheya Karioka’s character, Lea’ba (hence the film’s title, which is a play on her name as Lea’bet can also mean a puppet or a game). Lea’ba and Hassan (Naguib al Rihani)are in a relationship until Lea’ba has the opportunity to become a film star. The film also starred Marie Munib, Abdel Fattan al Kossary and Hassan Fayek.

Taheya Karioka (1955) تحية كاريوكا

Another clip of Taheya Karioka dancing in the 1955 film ‘Ahl al Hawa’ (People of Love اهل الهوى). Taheya Karioka played dual roles as (1) a ruthless gold digger and (2) a kind hearted dancer. The film also starred Shukry Sarhan, Mahmoud El Meliji, Estifan Rosti, Fouad Shafik and Shekuku and was directed by El Sayed Ziada.