Samia Gamal (1950) جمال‎ سامية

This is Egyptian legend Samia Gamal dancing in a third clip from the 1950 Egyptian movie ‘Akher Kedba’ (The Last Lie آخر كدبة). The male singer is Syrian born Farid al Atrache who was her partner both on and off screen for many years. Appearing with them in part of the clip is Ismail Yassin who was a famous Egyptian comedian. Like many other entertainers of that era, Ismail Yassin started his career in the nightclub of Badia Masabni. The film tells the story of Samir and Samira (al Atrache and Gamal). Samira is jealous of Kiki another bellydancer. Kiki gives Samir a broken necklace and asks him to arrange for its repair. Samira finds the necklace and thinks its a gift for her from Samir. In due course Kiki asks for her necklace back!
The film also starred Stefan Rosti, Ismail Yassin, Aziz Othman and Camelia.

Samia Gamal (1958) جمال‎ سامية

Samia Gamal dances in a scene from the 1958 Egyptian film ‘Habibi al Asmar’ (My Dark Sweetheart حبيبي الأسمر ).
The film starred Tahia Karioka as Zakia and Samia Gamal as Samra and told the story of two bellydancers and their relationships with the men in their lives. Also starring were Youssef Wehbi, Mahmoud al Meligi and Shukry Sarhan and the film was directed by the legendary Niazi Mostafa. The film’s music, including the famous theme song, was composed by Mohamed Abdul Wahab.

Samia Gamal (1955) جمال‎ سامية

This scene is from the 1955 Egyptian drama ‘Thawrat al Madina’ (Revolution in the City or A Town’s Revolt ثورة المدينة ) which starred Sabah as Fatima, Mohamed Fawzi as Ahmed and Hussein Riad as Fatima’s father. In this scene, the young Fatima (played by Doha Amir) and her father have gone to the cinema to watch the 1950 movie ‘Amir el entikam’. In the scene they’re watching the dancer performing in the film is Samia Gamal.
In the end the father can’t prevent his daughter sitting next to either one or other of the unrelated boys so the father puts on his fez and he and his daughter leave the theatre in the middle of the film.


Samia Gamal (1953) جمال‎ سامية

Legendary Egyptian bellydancer Samia Gamal performs in a scene from the 1953 Egyptian drama ‘Ketar al Layl’ (The Night Train قطار الليل ) which also starred Emad Hamdi, Stefan Rosti and Seraj Mounir. Emad Hamdi is the man in the trenchcoat in this scene.
Movie trivia: The lead male actor, Emad Hamdi, was married to singer Shadia and later to actress/dancer Nadia al Jundi. He was a busy man as he was also married to bellydancer Houriya Mohamed at one time.  Maybe he liked trains too as, along with this film ‘The Night Train’, he also starred in ‘Sayyedet Al Ketar’ (The Lady of the Train) in 1952 and ‘Ketar Al Neel’ (The Nile Train) in 1953.

Samia Gamal (1947) جمال‎ سامية

The third clip of Samia Gamal performing in the 1947 Egyptian film ‘Habib Al Omr’ (Love of My Life حبيب العمر) which starred Farid al Atrash, Lola Sedky, Hassan Fayek and Ismail Yassin.