Nadia Gamal (1969) نادية جمال‎

Nadia Gamal (1934-1990) dances in a scene from the 1969 joint Lebanese-Iranian film titled ‘Labet el Haz’ (‘Game of Chance’ aka ‘Bazy-e-shance’ ‘ بازی از این شانس’ (Farsi title), aka ‘Roulette’ (English title). The film was shot in 1968 but released in 1969 and was directed by Egyptian born Frank Agrama (Farouk Agrama). Frank Argama also directed Sabah and Turkish star Cüneyt Arkın in ‘Essabet al Nissa’ (Gang of Women) amongst other films.  Early in his career he was an actor himself, appearing with Nagwa Fouad in ‘Gharam fi Sirk’.  Thank you to Dr Kiss and the brainiacs at the classic horror forum for their assistance in tracking down the story of this film.  What those forum folks don’t know, ain’t worth knowing 🙂