Nahed Sherif (1974) ناهد شريف

Actress Nahed Sherif (1942-1981) dances in a scene from the 1974 joint Syrian/Egyptian film ‘Emraa Haraah’ (Confused Woman إمرأة حائرة ). The film also starred Sharifa Fadel, Nour al Sherif, Syrian actor Fathi Abdul Latif and former Miss Lebanon, Nadia Arslan.

Nahid Sharif (1974) ناهد شريف



Actress Nahid Shareef dances in a scene from the 1974 Egyptian film’ Emraa Haara’ (Confused Woman إمرأة حائرة) in which she starred along with Nour al Sherif, Salwa Saeed and Sharifa Fadel.
Trivia: The music for the film was composed by Baligh Hamdi and the Rahbani Brothers. Love the music though I think its been dubbed over afterwards.