Howaida al Hachem (Lebanon) هويدا الهاشم

The dancer in this clip is Howaida al Hachem (هويدا الهاشم) aka Howaida Hachem, Howaida Hashem, Hwyda al Hatchem etc etc. Howaida was popular in Lebanon in the 1980-90s and is of the same era as Samara, Dani Boustros and Amani who often performed at the same venues. The clip is filmed in a Beirut nightclub and in this clip she wears a gold bedlah with a leopard print skirt and veil. Howaida made many tv appearances on LBC (Lebanon Broadcasting Corp) and along with her shows at nightclubs, weddings and parties, built a career that focused on performing long, intricate drum solos. And she was good. The drum solos often ended with a death defying Turkish drop which she performed while wearing high heels!
Trivia: I understand that after retiring in the early 2000s she married and now lives in Cyprus.


Howaida el Hashem هويدا الهاشم

Lebanese bellydancer Howaida el Hashem in a performance on tv in Lebanon. Howaida was famous for her drum solos which often concluded with a Turkish drop. Her cane work was great too.

Howaida Hashem هويدا الهاشم


Lebanese bellydancer Howaida Hashem in an early performance on Lebanese tv. I don’t know the name of the drummer but he continued to play for her for many years. Howaida was famous for her drum solos which often included a stunning Turkish drop. Her cane dance was good too. She retired in the mid-90s apparently.
If I had a dollar for every possible way her name’s been transliterated, I’d be a wealthy person!