Taheya Karioka (1945) كاريوكا‎ تحية

Taheya Karioka in a scene from a 1945 Egyptian comedy film, ‘Lailat el Juma’ (Friday Night ليلة الجمعة ).  The film also starred Anwar Wagdi, Mary Mounib, a very young Ismail Yassin at the start of his film career and Thoraya Helmy.

Bellydancer (1945)

This is an uncredited bellydancer performing in a scene from the 1945 Egyptian film ‘Al Souq al Sawdaa’ (The Black Market السوق السوداء ) which starred Emad Hamdi, Aqila Rateb, Abdel Fatah El Quossary (with the slicked back hair) and Zaki Rostom. The film tells the story of black market trading in Egypt during WWII.
Trivia: Hands up all those who were glad to see the end of the fashion for ‘bulls eye’ bras?