Nabaweya Mustafa (1946)

The dancer in this clip is of course the one and only Nabaweya Mustafa. The scene is from the 1946 Egyptian film ‘The Unknown Past’ (Al Madi al Maghool الماضي المجهول) which starred Laila Murad and Ahmed Salem. The female singer is Laila Murad and the song she’s singing, ‘Salam Alay’, is now well known to dancers worldwide.
The male star of this film, Ahmed Salem, was also the director. Born in 1910, he was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire in 1949 with a police officer following a violent argument with his then wife Asmahan (Amal al Atrache), the sister of Farid al Atrache.
Trivia: Ahmed Salam was one of Taheya Karioka’s many husbands.

Shamadan (1946)

A shamadan (candelabra) performance by an uncredited dancer in a scene from the 1946 black and white Egyptian film ‘Al Khamsa Gneih’ (The Five Pounds الخمسة جنيه ). The singer is Hamid Tahir (حامد طاهر) who was a popular Egyptian singer and composer at the time. Starring Mohsen Sarhan, Adel Fatah al Kushary, Soad Mekawy and Zuzu Nabil, the film follows the adventures of a 5 pound note as its passed from person to person after freeing itself from life trapped in a safe by its miserly owner.

The Great Unknown (1946)

I don’t know who the singer in this scene is, I’m told that it may have been an uncredited actress miming to a song performed by blind Egyptian singer Shafia Ahmed (شافية أحمد)(1923-1983). The dancer who wears a galabeya is possibly Fethiya Fouad (فتحية فؤاد). Does anyone know for sure? What I do know for sure is that the film is from 1946 and was titled ‘Dunia’ (دنيا). It starred Raqia Ibrahim, Soliman Naguib, Ahmad Salem and Faten Hamama (for many years Mrs Omar Sharif) in an early screen role.
Trivia: The star of the film, Raqia Ibrahim, was born as Rachel Abraham Levy . She left Egypt in 1955 and emigrated to the US.

Hager Hamdi (1946) هاجر حمدي

This is bellydancer Hagar Hamdi dancing in a scene from the 1946 Egyptian film ‘Al mughani al maghool’ (The Unknown Singer المغني المجهول) which starred Mohammed Al Kahlawi, Shekuku, Hassan Fayak and Aziza Amir.
Many thanks to Osama Salem for the ID.

Taheya Karioka (1946) تحية كاريوكا

Here we have Egyptian bellydancer Taheya Karioka in a scene from the 1946 film ‘Lea’bet al Set’ (The Lady’s Puppet لعبة الست ). She is dancing to the song ‘Taht al Shabbak’ which is being sung by Aziz Osman. The song has become very popular with bellydancers nowadays thanks to its use by Egyptian bellydancer Dina. The film tells the story of Taheya Karioka’s character, Lea’ba (hence the film’s title, which is a play on her name as Lea’bet can also mean a puppet or a game). Lea’ba and Hassan (Naguib al Rihani)are in a relationship until Lea’ba has the opportunity to become a film star. The film also starred Marie Munib, Abdel Fattan al Kossary and Hassan Fayek.