Leila Mourad (1948) ليلى مراد‎

There’s a plethora of bellydancers in this scene from the Egyptian film ‘Anbar’ (‘Amber’ عنبر). The film was released in 1948 and starred singer Leila Mourad in the title role along with Anwar Wajdi (who was also the writer and one of the directors), Hassan Fayek, Ismail Yassin, Zeinat Sedki and Abdel Wares Asar.
The singers in this scene are Leila Mourad and Aziz Othman who ends up being carried off stage.
Trivia 1: The stars of this film, Leila Mourad and Anwar Wajdi, were married to each other 3 times (yes 3!)
Trivia 2: The singer in this scene, Aziz Othman (1893-1955) , was actress Leila Fawzi’s first husband. Anwar Wajdi was also married to Leila Fawzi at one stage.
Trivia 3: Aziz Othman started his showbiz career as a singer at Badia Masabni’s nightclub.

Zeffa (wedding procession) 1948

The zeffa (wedding procession) from the 1948 Egyptian film ‘Talaq Suad Hanem’ (Madame Suad’s Divorce طلاق سعاد هانم). The singer in this scene is Mahmoud Ibrahim Ismail Moussa, better known as Shekuku and he’s pushing the groom (Anwar Wagdy) who’s in a wheelchair (its a long story LOL).
Trivia: Also appearing in this film was Farid Shawki as just a supporting actor. He went on to become a cinema superstar in Egypt.