Hager Hamdi (1950) هاجر حمدى

Bellydancer Hagar Hamdi and singer Karem Mahmoud in the 1947 film ‘Abu Halmoos’ (أبو حلموس  Halmoos’ Father). The film was written and directed by Ibrahim Helmi and starred Naguib Al Rihani, Abbas Fares and Zuzu Shakeeb.

Nelly Mazloum (1950)

Nelly Fazloum dances in a scene from the 1950 Egyptian film ‘Makansh alal Bal’ (‘It Wasn’t On My Mind’ or ‘It Was Unexpected’ ماكانش عالبال ). The film starred Raqiya Ibrahim, Doria Ahmed, Kamal al Shinnawi, Seraj Munir, Abdel Wares Asar and Ismail Yassin.

Fekriyah Mohamed (1950) فكرية محمد

I think the dancer in this scene is Fekriya Mohamed and the singer is Sawsan. The scene is from the 1950 film ‘Qamar arba ‘tachar’ (Qamar 14, Full Moon) which starred Mahmoud Zulfikar and Camelia. The bellydancer appears after the dancing horse and the men’s assaya.
Movie trivia: The story of Camelia, who starred in the movie, is interesting. Born in Alexandria, her birth name was Lilliane Victor Cohen and, like many other actresses of the time, she was linked romantically with King Farouk. Camelia only made a handful of films before dying in a plane crash in 1950 at the age of twenty-one.