Samiha Tawfik (1954) توفيق سميحة

This is a scene from the Egyptian film ‘Tahia al Rijjala’ (Long Live Men تحيا الرجالة) and the dancer is Samiha Tawfik. The film was released in 1954 and starred Karem Mahmoud, Sherifa Maher, Abdul Salem al Nabulsi and Zeinat Sedki.
Born in 1928, Samiha Tawfik had a long career as both an actress and an on-screen dancer.  Her brother, El Toukhy Tawfiq, was also a well known film actor and fight scene arranger. They both started their careers working in a circus with their father. Samiha Tawfik retired from show business in 1987 and passed away in 2010.
Trivia: Lebanese dancer Gawaher also performs in the same film.

Nemat Mokhtar (1954) نعمت مختار

Nemat Mokhtar dances in a scene from the 1954 Egyptian drama ‘Qaryat al Usshaq’ (Village Lovers قرية العشاق) which starred Yehia Shahine and Magda.
Nemat Mokhtar’s film career including appearances in around 40 movies. She retired in the mid 1970s to focus on raising her family. She died in 1989 at the age of 57.

Samiha Tawfik (1954) سميحة توفيق

Samiha Tawfik (1928-2010) is the dancer and Doria Ahmed and Hassan Fayek are the singers in this scene from the 1954 Egyptian film ‘Al Nas Maqamaat’ (Class Distinctions الناس مقامات) . The film starred matinee idol Shukri Sarhan along with Mahmoud el Meliji, Hind Rostom and Lebanese born actress Alwiya Gamil.
Trivia:  Alwiya Gamil was married to Mahmoud al Meliji from 1939 until his death in 1983.