Nemat Mokhtar نعمت مختار (1956)

Nemat Mokhtar dances in a scene from the 1956 Egyptian film ‘Sahifat al sawabeq’ (Criminal Record صحيفة السوابق). One of the backing dancers is Ellen Diato.
The film starred Sabah, Kamal al Shennawi, Mahmoud al Meliji and Siraj Munir. Kamal al Shennawi’s character Waheed has turned his back on a life of crime. He’s looking forward to a future with his family and a regular job until an old crony reappears to destroy his happiness by revealing his shady past.
Movie trivia: While she’s not in this particular scene, Egyptian screen actress Soheir Ramzy makes her screen debut in this film as a 6 year old. Soheir Ramzy is the daughter of a famous Egyptian actress, Doria Ahmed.

Zeinat Sedki (1956) زينات صدقى

This is a rare clip of Egyptian actress/comedienne Zeinat Sedki dancing. The scene is from the 1956 Egyptian comedy ‘Sahibat al Azama’ (The Great Lady) (صاحبة العصمة ) but more about the movie later, first the dancer.
Zeinat Sedki was born Zeinab Mohamed Mosaad in Alexandria in 1913.  She was married at 15 then shortly afterwards divorced. To support herself she started working as a bellydancer at local weddings and moulids. Her family’s disapproval forced her to move to Syria for a time.  On returning to Egypt she started working for Badi’a Masabni and her name was changed from Zeinab to Zeinat to avoid confusion with an actress with a similar name. Her film career took off and for many years she was regularly amongst the group of actors working with comedian Ismail Yassin in many of his movies. She died in 1978.
Back to this movie: ‘Sahibat Al Azama’ starred Ismail Yassin as Ghazel and Tahia Karioka as Munira, his rich second wife.  The story of the film is that Ghazel and Munira decide to adopt a child and Ghazel ensures that the child is his son from his previous marriage to Zeinat Sedki’s character. Sedki then works as a nanny in her ex-husband’s house so she can still raise her son. When the upper class wife finds out, she poisons the son and frames his mother. Happy ending though as Munira is found guilt of the crime and we’re left with the feeling that the parents reunite. The excellent supporting cast includes Zeinat Sedki herself along with Hassan Fayek, Abdel Ghani El Nagdi and Abdel Hamid Zaky.
Zeinat Sedki’s philosophy of life was “Those who consider it (life) a comedy live longer as they enjoy each and every minute in their lives.”

The Great Unknown (1956)

These scenes are from the 1956 film ‘Wahabtak hayati ‘ (I’ve Given You My Life وهبتك حياتى ) which starred Sabah, Shukry Sarhan and Omar El Hariri. The film’s director was Fatin Abdel Wahab who was married to Leila Mourad at one stage. The film tells the story of two young brothers who are separated after the death of their parents. As adults, one becomes a doctor (El Hariri) and the other becomes a criminal (Sarhan). The criminal marries a rich singer (Sabah) then tries several times to kill her to get her money so he can run off with his mistress.
Is the dancer Leila Abdo (ليلى عبده)?