Nagwa Fouad (1973) نجوى فؤاد‎

Nagwa Fouad is the dancer in this scene from the 1973 Egyptian comedy ‘Al Bahth a’n Fadiha’ (Searching for a Scandal عن فضيحة البحث ).  Directed by Niaza Mostafa, the film is an adaptation by Abu Saud Ebiary of ‘The Guide for the Married Man’ a US film that was released in 1967. The Egyptian version of the film tells the story of Magdi (Adel Imam) who moves to Cairo and tags along with his womaniser colleague Sami (Samir Sabri). While out one night with Sami, he meets Hanan (Mervat Amin) and asks for Sami’s advice. Sami’s advice proves to be 100% wrong.
Legendary Egyptian screen actor Yousef Wehbi gleefully plays Hanan’s intimidating father while Mimi Chakib plays her mother.

I’m told that this version where Nagwa wears purple is colourised. There is another version of the same scene which seems to have come from a dvd and, when she dances in this same scene, she’s wearing green. The movements of the extras in the audience are the same in both versions.

Lebleba (1973) لبلبة

Actress/singer/dancer Lebleba dances in a scene from the 1973 film ‘Zawaj Bil Ikrah’ (Marriage By Force زواج بالاكراه ). The film also starred Nour el Sherif, Suheir Ramzi and Syrian born actor Rafik Subaie.
Born in Egypt, Lebleba’s real name is Ninochka Manoug Kupelian. Of Armenian heritage, she’s related to child actress Fayrouz Arteen.