Nagwa Fouad (1974) فؤاد نجوى

This is a second clip of legendary Egyptian dancer Nagwa Fouad performing in the 1974 Egyptian film ‘Anisat wa Sayidat ‘ (Girls and Women آنسات و سيدات ). This time she is performing in civvies. The singer in this very badly dubbed clip is Alexandria born Leila Nazmi and the man is Saeed Saleh.  The film starred Nour el Sherif and Suhair Ramzi but neither of them appear in this scene.

Nahed Sherif (1974) ناهد شريف

Actress Nahed Sherif (1942-1981) dances in a scene from the 1974 joint Syrian/Egyptian film ‘Emraa Haraah’ (Confused Woman إمرأة حائرة ). The film also starred Sharifa Fadel, Nour al Sherif, Syrian actor Fathi Abdul Latif and former Miss Lebanon, Nadia Arslan.

Nadia Lotfi (1974)

Nadia Lotfi (wearing what’s possibly one of the worst wigs ever created) dancing with Hussein Fahmy in a scene from the 1974 Egyptian film ‘Enemy Brothers’ (Al Ekhwa Al Adae الأخوة الأعداء ) that’s based on ‘The Brothers Karamazov’. The stellar supporting cast included Emad Hamdi, Ahmed Muzhar, Yahia Shaheen, Mohi Ismail, Nour al Sherif and Mervat Amin.