Nadia Hamdi (1975) نادية حمدي

This is Egyptian dancer Nadia Hamdi performing in the Syrian film ‘Sah al Nom’ (النوم صح Good Morning) which was released in 1975. The film starred Syrian comedian Duraid Lahhem, Nagy Gabr (1940-2009) and Nihad Kalai (1928-1992).
Background: The actor who comes in with the tray on his head is Yassin Bakoush who was killed in 2013 during the fighting in Damascus. He was 75.

The Great Unknown (1975)

Three uncredited dancers in a scene from the 1975 Lebanese/Syrian film ‘The Great Review’ (‘Al Esterad al Kabir’ الاستعراض الكبير ).  The film starred Lebanese singers Wadi al Safi and Samira Tawfik along with Syrian actors/comedians Yassin Bakosh and Naji Jaber who were both well known for their collaborations with Duraid Lahham.
Yassin Bakosh was killed by an RPG (rocket propelled grenade) in Damascus in February 2013.

Nelly (1975) نيللي

This scene is from the 1975 Egyptian film  ‘Imratein’ (Two Women امراتان).  The film starred Nelly, Ahmed Mazhar, Emad Hamdi and Aziza Helmy.
Born Nelly Artin Kalfayan this actress/entertainer is known as simply ‘Nelly’ and she is the younger sister of child actress Feyrouz. Also, she’s the cousin of Lebleba.  In this film Nelly dances in several different numbers and Soheir Zaki also dances in a yellow bedlah in one of the scenes.

Like her elder sister, Nelly started her show business career as a child actress.  However unlike Feyrouz, whose star faded either by choice or fate as she got older, Nelly has carved out a successful career for herself as an adult.  Most of Nelly’s film have been musicals where the plot of the film has been secondary.  She’s also well known for her ‘Fawazir Ramadan’ (Ramadan riddles) tv programmes which were shown during the Holy Month. I think her final series was in the early 2000s. For a more detailed description of the programmes and their content you may wish to read ‘Religion, Media and the Public Sphere’ edited by Dutch academics Birgit Meyer and Annelies Moors (2005)