Nadia Fouad (1976)

This is Nadia Fouad (نادية فؤاد *not* Nagwa) dancing in a scene from the 1976 film ‘Rihlat al Ayyam’ (رحلة الايام) which starred Soheir Ramzy, Samir Sabri and Emad Hamdi.
The film tells the story of Magdy and Yasmin (played by Sabri and Ramzy) who meet and marry despite the difference in their social classes – he’s ‘upstairs’, she’s ‘downstairs’.  A while after they marry, Yasmin rushes to rescue her sister from a brothel but the brothel is raided while Yasmin’s inside and she’s arrested. As a result, Magdy and his family reject her. However there’s a happy ending as several years later they get back together when Magdy learns that the little mouth organ playing boy he’s befriended is his own son.   While the film’s title means ‘journey of days’, a translation as ‘Life’s Journey’ probably works best.
A bit of trivia: Samir Sabri appeared in the late 1990s tv series on the life of Umm Kulthum playing the part of Anwar Wagdi.

Hayatim (1976) هياتم

Egyptian bellydancer and actress Hayatim performs in a scene from the 1976 film ‘Al Kull Yeheb’ (Everyone Loves الكل يحب) which starred Mervat Amin, Nour al Sharif and Taghreid El Beshbishy.
The less we say about the size C chest in the size B bra though the better……

Azza Sherif عزة شريف

The wonderful Azza Sherif (عزة شريف) dances in a wedding scene from the 1976 film ‘Nebtidi Menain Al Hikaya’ (‘Where do we begin the story?’ نبتدي منين الحكاية )  This film has the same title as the old Abdel Halim Hafez song but it’s totally unrelated.
In this scene we see the bride, played by Suheir Ramzi, fleeing her wedding leaving a confused crowd behind. As the film progresses she becomes blind, falls in love with her psychiatrist’s friend, her sight is restored and there’s a happy ending.  The film also starred Saeed Saleh, Mimi Jamal and Samir Ghanem.