Nahed Sherif (1977) ناهد شريف

This is actress Nahed Sharif performing in a scene from the 1977 Egyptian comedy ‘The Husbands are Devils’ (Al Azwag al Shayateen الأزواج الشياطين). The groom is Adel Imam. Comedienne Wedad Hamdi makes a guest appearance in the first scenes of the film playing the victim of a robbery after her maid Naima (Nahed Sherif) steals her jewellery and hides it on-board a houseboat belonging to Mamdouh (Adel Imam). The film also starred Youssef Fakhr Eddine, Madiha Kamil, Laila Taher and Saeed Salah.
Background: Adel Imam had released a film titled ‘Naughty Husbands’(Azwaj Teshoon أزواج طائشون) the previous year and the two films are often confused. To add to the confusion, the earlier film ‘Azwaj Teshoon’ also featured Madiha Kamil and had a ‘same-same but different’ storyline. The earlier film co-starred Samir Ghanem and Buthayna Nasser.

Samia (1977) سامية

This is a scene from the 1977 Egyptian drama ‘Al Hob fi Tariq Masdoud’ (literally, ‘love at an impasse (or in a cul-de-sac or deadlocked)’ الحب في طريق مسدود). The film starred Hussein Fahmi, Amal Ramzi and Noura. The dancer is listed as ‘Samia’ and this seems to be the only film she made.

Najwa Sultan and Azza Sharif (1977)

The two dancers in this clip are Najwa Sultan (نجوى سلطان) and Azza Sharif (عزة شريف) in a scene from the 1977 film ‘Ah Ya Leil Ya Zaman’ (آه يا ليل يا زمن).
The singer with the gorgeous voice is the late Warda Al Jazairia who played the leading role in the film.  Adel Adham and Samir Ghanem are the two men sitting on the pink sofa in the clip.
The song in this clip, ‘Leil Ya Layali’ was composed by Baligh Hamdi who was Warda’s second husband.   Warda plays Faten, the daughter of a rich man, who learns on his death that all his assets have been lost and she blames the man who tells her the bad news.  She travels to Paris, finds work as a dental nurse and turns to singing. As a singer, she is (of course) a great success and falls in love with the dentist who’s already married. Long story short, the dentist goes back to his wife and Warda’s character continues with her singing career.