Azza Sherif (1983) عزة شريف

This scene is from the 1983 Egyptian film ‘Al Motasawel‘ (The Beggar المتسول) and features Egyptian born dancer Azza Sherif. The singer is Ahmed Adaweya. The film starred Adel Imam and Esaad Younes who play the bride and groom in this scene. The woman in the blue galabeya who tries to get up to join Azza Sherif is former dancer Hayatim who plays a leading role in the movie.
Trivia: Azza Sherif was born in 1947 and was married for several years to the Egyptian singer Katkot al Amir.

Lebleba (1983) لبلبة

Egyptian actress/dancer Lebleba dances in a scene from a 1983 film ‘Innahoum Yassriqoun al Aranib’ (They Steal Rabbits انهم يسرقون الارانب) in which she starred along with Samir Ghanem, Gamil Rateb and Seif Allah Mokhtar.  The film’s a comedy that tells the story of a couple who discover a crook’s plan to rob a bank and decide to beat him to it and rob the bank themselves.  That’s what they’re trying to do while Lebleba performs to distract everyone but things go downhill from there.
Trivia: Lebleba is of Armenian descent and is a cousin of child actress Feyrouz.

Fatma Eid فاطمة عيد

This is Egyptian singer Fatma Eid performing in the 1983 movie ‘The Great Trap’ (كيدهن عظيم ) which starred Farid Shawki.
Trivia: Need a wedding appropriate song? Fatma Eid put out a CD titled ‘Seebo yaba ya aroosa ‘ that’s full of Shaabi style wedding songs.

The Great Unknown (1983)

This scene is from the 1983 Egyptian film ‘Kaydahoona Azeem’ (The Great Trap or The Great Snare كيدهن عظيم). The dancer doesn’t seem to be credited.
The film is all about paternity and proving it and starred Farid Shawki. Also starring is legendary bellydancer Taheya Karioka who by this time had moved totally to acting. Taheya Karioka is the lady in black being comforted at the end of the scene. The film also starred Afaf Shoaib, Farouk al Fishawi and Nabila al Sayed.

Zizi Mustafa (1983) زيزى مصطفى

Zizi Mustafa dances in a scene from the 1983 Egyptian comedy film ‘Massoud Saeed Leh?’ (Why’s Massoud Happy? مسعود سعيد ليه). The singer is Fatma Eid (فاطمة عيد). The film starred Wahed Seif, Said Saleh and Essad Younes and tells the story of Massoud a poor man who finds a large sum of money in a bag, returns it and is rewarded. The owner of the money is murdered and the money is stolen. Massoud was the last person seen with the victim etc but it all ends happily.