Nadia Arslan (1984) نادية أرسلان

This is actress Nadia Arslan (نادية أرسلان) dancing in the 1984 Egyptian film ‘حتى لايطير الدخان’ (Hatta la Yateer al Dokhan ‘That the Smoke May Not Blow Away’ or ‘As Not to Blow the Smoke’) which starred Adel Imam who’s also in this scene. Born as Hind Arslan in Lebanon in 1949, she won a beauty contest and shortly afterwards moved to Egypt. She started her Egyptian screen acting career in 1971 and, after marrying a fellow actor, retired from screen roles in 1987. After becoming very religious she expressed regret for her acting career. Nadia Arslan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and died in 2008.
Also starring in the film were Soheir Ramzy, Sanaa Shafea and Fekry Abaza and the film was based on a novel by Egyptian writer Ihsan Abdel Quddous (1919 –1990).

The Great Unknown (1984)

Both of the following scenes are from the 1984 Egyptian film ‘Naema Fakha Muharama’ (Naema, the Forbidden Fruit  نعيمة فاكهة محرمة ).The clip starts with the best piece of villanish mustache twirling in years. The actor is Said Saleh and his shisha guy is played by Younes Shalaby.  This is followed by a scene in the local hammam (bath house) for the bride’s pre-wedding bath (hammam al arous).  There are very few of these old style bath houses operating in Cairo now. Later in the clip there’s a zar.

Nagwa Fouad (1984) فؤاد نجوى

This is Egyptian bellydancer Nagwa Fouad and singer Hassan El Asmar (1959-2011) in a scene from the 1984 Egyptian film  ‘Tabonat Hamza’ ( طابونة حمزة). The film also starred Younes Shalaby, Wahed Seif, Sayed Zayan and Essad Youniss.

Fifi Abdu (1984) فيفى عبده

Fifi Abdu is the dancer and Walid Tawfik is the singer. Together they’re in a scene from the 1984 Egyptian film ‘Qamar al Leil’ (قمر الليل) in which they both starred. The film tells the story of Imad (Tawfik) who prevents Ibtisam (Layla Olwi) from committing suicide which leads to him to Fikri (Abu Bakr Ezzat) who wants to marry a wealthy woman (Mary Fakreddine) who lost her son during the Lebanon War. Long story short Imad impersonates the missing son but it all turns out well in the end.

Nabila Ebeid (1984) نبيلة عبيد


This is Egyptian actress/dancer Nabila Ebeid in the 1984 film ‘Al Raqissa w’al Tabal’ (The Dancer and the Drummer).
The film opens with Zizi Mustafa making a cameo appearance as a famous bellydancer who, following a disagreement with Abdu the drummer played by Ahmed Zaki, walks out of her job performing at a nightclub. A replacement dancer must be found quickly and Abdu brings in a local dancer named Mabaheg, played by Ebeid. This is the scene where he sees her for the first time dancing at a local wedding.  He hires her and coaches her to fame and fortune. There’s also a whole backstory about contracts and debts. Sad ending though, as she rises to fame he ends up on drugs and unemployed.