Poussy and Mimi Gamal (1993) ميمي جمال & بوسي

These scenes are from” Karawana ” (كروانة) a 1993 Egyptian film starring Poussy (بوسي) and Nour al Sherif. The first part of the clip shows some informal dancing on a verdandah. The man who comes up the stairs and tells everyone to start the music is Sayed Zayan. In the next scene, the first dancer is actress Mimi Gamal and the second is Poussy who plays the part of Karawana, a dancer who is abused by her mean uncle (Sayed Zayan).
Trivia: Poussy was married to Nour al Sherif.

Poussy (1993) بوسي

These are two further scenes from the 1993 Egyptian film “Karawana ” (كروانة) and feature dancing by Egyptian actress Poussy (though her name is spelt in Arabic with a ‘b’ as there’s no ‘p’ sound in Arabic). The film also starred Nour al Sherif who plays the accordion player in these scenes. Also starring were Sayed Zayan (in the beret) and Mimi Gamal.

Fifi Abdu (1993) فيفي عبده

Fifi Abdu dances in a wedding scene from the 1993 film ‘Al Tha’aleb’ (The Foxes) which starred Mahmoud Hamidah, Hatem Zulfikar and Kamal al Shinnawi . The first part of the scene is a wedding zeffa with an uncredited dancer.   Fifi follows and its all very meaningful as she wears red and dances to the song ‘Ala Nar’ which means ‘I’m on fire’.