Gawaher (1954) جواهر

This is Lebanese born dancer Gawaher performing in a scene from the 1954 Egyptian film ‘Tahya al-rijjalah’ (Long Live Men تحيا الرجالة ) which starred Karem Mahmoud, Abdel Salam al Nabulsi, Zeinat Sedki, Shekuku and Samiha Tawfik. The man in the front row of the audience in this scene is Abdel Fattah al Kassri.

The Great Unknown (1960)

Any IDs for this bellydancer please? Suggestions so far have included “Zeinat Olwi wearing a wig”.  The scene is from the 1960 Egyptian film ‘Three Men and a Woman’ (Thalath (Talata) Regal wa Imra’a  ثلاثة رجال وإمرأة).  The film starred Lebanese diva Sabah along with Kamal al Shinnawi, Souad Hosni, Ahmed Farag and Abdel Salem al Nabulsi.