Nariman Aboud ناريمان عبود

This is Lebanese bellydancer Nariman Aboud performing at an outdoor concert in Achrafieh, a suburb in eastern Beirut, Lebanon.
Nariman was originally spotted by Lebanese singer Melhem Baraket and her career started from there. Later she married singer Wissam al Amir and retired from public performing in the early 2000s to take care of their two children. In 2011 there was talk of her returning to the dance scene but whether that happened or not I don’t know. She still regularly hits the dance floor at the restaurant in Jouneih in Lebanon though.
Trivia: Off topic, Achrafieh has a terrific shopping mall on Alfred Naccache Street called ABC.


Born in Basra in Iraq, Samara moved to Lebanon as a student and took bellydance lessons from Nadia Gamal. The story is that Nadia asked her, ‘Do you want to be a dancer or do you just want the money?’ When Samara replied that she wanted to learn to dance properly, Nadia Gamal encouraged her to practice hard and develop her own personal style.
This is a conversion from VHS video tape to digital so the quality isn’t what we’re used to nowadays but part of this site’s role is to be an archive.
This outdoor concert was possibly held in Achrafieh in Beirut. If someone can confirm please?

Credit for the original video goes to the gents at the long defunct Starlight Videos in Australia.  They used to have a shop just along from the best bakery ever 🙂