Mohamed Roushdi (1968)

This is a popular Arabic song, “Yalli hawa ramak” (What love throws at you) sung by Mohamed Roushdi. The scene is from the 1968 Egyptian film ‘Adawiya’ (عدوية). The film starred Mohamed Roushdi as a poor man who is rejected by the father of his intended due to his lack of money. He retrains as a singer, makes his fortune and is finally his proposal is accepted by the father. The film also starred Hamdy Ahmed (حمدى أحمد), Nahed Sharif as the Adawiya of the title, Nahed Yousri and Naemat Mokhtar.
Trivia: As well as being the surname of a famous singer (Ahmed Adaweya), ‘Adawiya’ is also a female first name.