Aida Nour (1991)

This is Aida Nour’s performance in the 1991 Egyptian movie ‘Nesaa’ Sa’aleek’ ( نساء صعاليك Vagabond Women or Bratty Women). The film starred Soheir Ramzi, Samah Anwar and Tahani Rached.  Bellydance legends Taheya Karioka and Fifi Abdu also make cameo appearances.
The singer in the red dress is the late and much loved Rouh el Fouad of ‘Dinga, Dinga’ fame. Rouh al Fouad was considered to be one of the last truly baladi singers from Egypt. She had a professional career that lasted over 50 years, starting with singing at weddings and moulids as a young girl in the Nile Delta.
Movie trivia: The film had a female director, Nadia Hamza.