Fifi Abdu (Warda concert)

This is Egyptian dancer Fifi Abdu performing during a concert headlined by famous Arabic singer Warda al Jazairia (1939-2012).
We all know Fifi but what do we know about the wonderful voice that belonged to Warda al Jazaira? She was born in France to Algerian/Lebanese parents and started singing at a very young age. In 1958 her father’s café was closed down by French authorities following a charge of harbouring arms for terrorists and her family moved to Beirut which was her mother’s home town. Warda soon came to the notice of Mohamed Abdel Wahab and she was invited to come to Cairo. There she came to the attention of Riad Sombati best known for composing songs for Omm Kulthum.
Warda al Jazairia وردة الجزائرية means ‘Warda the Algerian’. Her first name ‘Warda’ means ‘rose’ and one of Warda’s epithets was ‘The Algerian Rose’. Warda was married to composer Baligh Hamdi (1932-1993) for about 10 years.