The Great Unknown (1988)

This is another performance by the uncredited dancer in the 1988 Egyptian film ‘El Gadaan al Talatha’ (الجدعان الثلاثة). The singer with her is Fatma Eid (عيد فاطمة ). Any IDs on the dancer? The film starred Samir Ghanem, Mahmoud Reda (the actor not the dancer) and actress Rawaa El Kateb.
Trivia: Fatma Eid is the female half of the duo who sang ‘Ali Looz’, Nagwa Fouad’s old time signature song.


Nagwa Fouad ‘Ali Looz’

Nagwa Fouad’s studio performance of one of her signature pieces, ‘Ali Looz'(علي لوز ). The singers are Fayed Mohamed Fayed and Fatma Eid. If you like this music there’s a modern version produced for the Arabesque Dance Company in Canada on their CD ‘Nawaem’.

Nagwa Fouad ‘Ali Looz’

Very 70s. This is Egyptian bellydancer Nagwa Fouad dancing to what has become one of her signature songs, ‘Ali Looz’ (علي لوز ). The singers are Fayed Mohamed Fayed and Fatma Eid. Even the camera work is iconic and followed the fashion at the time for superimposing the dancer onto a background, so you’ll see a bellydancer dancing on a tabla as in this clip, another is on a traffic roundabout while another appears to be in a fish tank.
This is a conversion from an old video tape to mp4 so the quality is not the best so apologies in advance.
The lyrics of the first section are along the lines of “…we will be together…we will get married…even if we have no money we will be happy…”