Ranine (Lebanon)

This is Lebanese bellydancer Ranine in a clip from a Lebanese tv game show from many years ago.  In this clip she wears a gold and apricot coloured costume. Ranine starts her show with ‘Wahashtini’ which is one of my favourite songs.  (Souad Mohamed does a lovely heartfelt version if you’re interested in hearing other versions.)  You may recognise Ranine as the dancer on the cover of several of Setrak Sarkissian’s CDs.

Rindala (apricot bedlah)

This is Lebanese bellydancer Rindala who’s best known for her full-on ‘Energiser Bunny’ style of performance that leaves the audience a bit breathless. One dancer even described Rindala as ‘…impatiently waving her time though taxims to get to the fast parts….’