Zizi Mustafa (1985) زيزى مصطفى

This is Zizi Mustafa performing in a scene from the 1985 Egyptian film ‘El Taghiya’ (الطاغية The Tyrant) which starred Ezzat Al Alayli, Farouk al Fishawi and Leila Elwi.
There was a very well known Egyptian actress, also named Zizi Mustafa (though her real name was Zeinab Mostafa Nasr) who died in 2008. The two Zizi Mustafas are often mixed up and even Google shows dancer Zizi as having died though she’s very much alive!  Former bellydancer Zizi Mustafa is the mother of Egyptian actress Menna Shelabi

Soheir Zaki in the Gulf

This is the performance by Egyptian bellydance legend Soheir Zaki during one of a series of concerts filmed, probably in Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates, during the 70s. Possibly the concerts were part of the celebrations related to the formation of the UAE in 1971 but nobody really seems to know exactly. Any confirmation would be greatly appreciated. In this clip Soheir Zaki is wearing a red bedlah.
Part 1

Part 2

Lebleba (1983) لبلبة

Egyptian actress/dancer Lebleba dances in a scene from a 1983 film ‘Innahoum Yassriqoun al Aranib’ (They Steal Rabbits انهم يسرقون الارانب) in which she starred along with Samir Ghanem, Gamil Rateb and Seif Allah Mokhtar.  The film’s a comedy that tells the story of a couple who discover a crook’s plan to rob a bank and decide to beat him to it and rob the bank themselves.  That’s what they’re trying to do while Lebleba performs to distract everyone but things go downhill from there.
Trivia: Lebleba is of Armenian descent and is a cousin of child actress Feyrouz.

Hind Rostom (1957) هند رستم

Hind Rostom (1929-2011) dances in a scene set in a train carriage from the 1957 film ‘Inta Habibi’ (You’re my Love انت حبيبي ).  The film starred Farid al Atrache who’s the singer, Shadia, Abdel Salam Al Naboulsi and Zeinat Sedki. Directed by Youssef Chahine, the film tells the story of Farid and Yasmina  (Farid el Atrach and Shadia) who can’t stand each other but are being forced by their respective families to marry. Unbeknowst to their families Farid is singing in a nightclub and having an affair with a belly dancer (Rostom) while Yasmina is busy having an affair with another man. Eventually Farid and Yasmina decide to co-operate and pretend to like each so their families will leave them alone but in the end they fall in love.

Fifi Abdu ( فيفى عبده‎)

Despite the ‘special effects gone mad’ backgrounds, this is a fabulous Saidi and assaya performance by Egyptian dancer Fifi Abdu. This is a digital conversion from an old VHS video tape (remember those) and the performance is from fairly early in her career. In this clip she’s wearing a plain white galabeya with a hip scarf.