Nabaweya Mustafa (1949) نبوية مصطفى

This is Egyptian dancer Nabaweya Mustafa performing in a scene from the 1949 Egyptian film ‘Eweaa al Mahfaza’ (اوعى المحفظة known in English as ‘Watch Out For Your Wallet’). The singers in this scene are Suad Mekkawi and Mahmoud Shekuku and the woman in the fur coat is Lola Sedky.  The movie starred Mahmoud Ismail (who also directed), Hassan Fayek and Taheya Karioka.

Soheir Zaki and Katkot al Amir

This clip may be old, grainy and blurry due to multiple recopying but do we care a bit? No we don’t, because it’s Soheir! The singer with her is a very young Katkot al Amir.