Syrian dancers

This is another song and dance scene from the 1982 Syrian film ‘Ghawar’s Empire’ (Impratoriyat Ghawar امبراطورية غوار). The film starred Syrian comedians Duraid Lahham and Naji Jaber (1940-2009) who are the two men sitting in the middle.
Trivia: Can anyone ID the singer please?

Lebanese dance troupe (1964)

This scene is from the 1964 film ‘A String of Pearls’ aka ‘The Pearl Necklace’ (Akh al luluعقد اللولو), a Lebanese/Syrian production which had previously been both a tv sketch and a stage play. The film starred Lebanese singer/actress Sabah along with famous Syrian comedians Durraid Lahham and Nihad al Qali. Also starring was Fahad Ballen, a popular Syrian born singer who’d moved to Egypt and worked with Farid al Atrash. Trivia: Fahad Ballen was married to Egyptian actress Mariam Fakhreddine for several years.

Sabah with Najwa Fouad’s dancers (1977)

Sometimes films can be so confusing! This is Lebanese singer Sabah’s performance in the Nagwa Fouad film from 1977 titled ‘The Magic Lamp’.  The credits at the start of the film say ‘The Magic Lamp’ in Arabic ‘Al Mesbah al Sehri’ (المصباح السحري) BUT the film is listed in all the databases as being titled ‘Mirrors’. And Nagwa Fouad does dance in front of mirrors in a red bedlah during the credits, but that performance is not shown in this film. Also shown during the opening credits are the scenes where she dances on a boat but that performance is in another movie. Anyway, this film starred Younes Shalaby with guest spots by Saudi singer Mohamed Abdu, Lebanese singer Sabah as shown and Egyptian singer Hany Shaker and is basically a series of tableaus joined together by a bit of dialogue….not that there’s anything wrong with that LOL.
And all this is despite the references to magic lamps throughout this film. Ah well, what to do…..