Nariman Aboud (Lebanon) ناريمان عبود

This is a short piece by Lebanese dancer Nariman Aboud (ناريمان عبود). The clip’s from a Lebanese tv game show. Nariman wears a red bedlah and in this clip she performs with a troupe of debke dancers .

Hermeen (1955) هيرمين

Hermeen is the dancer in the dark costume in this scene from the 1955 Egyptian comedy ‘Al Saad Waad’ (السعد وعد) which starred Ismail Yassin. Featured in this scene along with Hermeen are singers Nagah Salem and Mohamed Salman.

Howaida el Hashem

A performance by Lebanese bellydancer Howaida el Hashem probably from the 1980s. The game show was on LBC in Beirut. But floral shorts? Hmmmm.
In Arabic her name is written as هويدا الهاشم = Hwayda el Hashem. Her name has the ‘el’ in it, so we might as well use it. It seems to be a case of you say ‘Howaida’ and I say ‘Huwayda’….or Howida, Houwaida, Howaidah or Huwhyda or Hachem, Hashem, el Hashem, el Hachem, Alhashem or Hachem.
As you see this is from the boys in Punchbowl.