Mona al Said drum solo

This is a conversion from an old VHS video tape to digital so the quality is not the best but there have been so many enquiries about whether I had this particular piece that it seems that nobody minds a bit. So here’s Egyptian bellydancer Mona al Said performing her drum solo. Yes this is the (in)famous gold bikini drum solo but IMHO Mona could wear a sack and it would still be a fantastic performance.

Samia Gamal (1954) سامية جمال drum solo

Samia Gamal rarely performed a drum solo in her films but here’s one in a scene from the 1954 drama ‘Al Wahsh’ (The Monster/The Beast الوحش).  In this film she plays the dancer-girlfriend of a thug who terrorises a small town in rural Egypt. He’s The Beast of the title and is played by Mahmoud al Meligi at his most sinister.  The hero of the film, a police officer sent to put an end to The Beast’s tyranny, is played by Anwar Wagdi.  Trivia: Suleiman al Gendi plays the part of the police officer’s young son, who’s been kidnapped and is sitting on the ground next to Omar al Gizawy. Al Gendi reappears 9 years later playing Sami in the 1963 film ‘Umm al Aroosa’ which starred Tahiya Karioka.